Carefully Sourced to Cut Off Your Cold

We’re dedicated to providing you with the best. It’s why we go directly to the source, like the grasslands of Southern Africa where umckaloabo flourishes. We partner with farmers who have tended this land for generations and know firsthand the benefits Umcka can have on your cold. Because with Nature’s Way, you can always trust that you’re getting the best herbs the earth has to offer.

  • Clinically proven to help you recover faster
  • Reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms
  • Available in a convenient variety of forms
Umckaloabo flower

Rooted in Tradition

A member of the geranium family, the roots of Pelargonium sidoides (or umckaloabo) have been traditionally used as a respiratory ailment treatment by the Zulu and Basotho for hundreds of years.

A mountain in Southern Africa

Responsibly Sourced

With over 300 different species of umckaloabo indigenous to the Cape Provinces of Southern Africa, harvesting just the right one is a practice in expertise and patience. We farm and collect our Umcka to ensure the sustainability of the plant for generations to come.

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†† These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.